You Are Amazing!

But you might not always feel that way. Sometimes there is a vast disconnect between the way we see ourselves, how the world defines us, and ultimately how God sees us. Still not convinced? Find yourself in stories of people just like you who God used for his own amazing purpose.

How do you see yourself?

Some days something extraordinary happens. Other days, you struggle to get through. So many times, you gave up or felt like you just weren’t enough. It’s easy to identify someone else’s talents and value, then look at yourself and say, “But, I’m just a stay-at-home mom.” Or an okay employee. A college dropout. A person who didn’t follow a dream. Or someone who took a leap of faith that ended in regret. We all have parts of our lives we would like to change, especially as we see other people who seem to live with more purpose or freedom than us. Have you ever had an “I’m just a . . .” moment?

How does God see you?

So what is the disconnect between what you think of yourself and what God thinks about you? It’s called shame. Shame is the voice that tells us we’re not good enough and we don’t belong. It’s a lie that traps us, then stops us from truly understanding what God thinks about us.

What does God want to do for you?

God wants to silence the voice of shame in your life and speak the truth to you.

Worthy now. Not if. Not when. We’re worthy of love and belonging now. Right this minute.
Brené Brown – The Gifts of Imperfection

How will you respond?

God created you and loves you. He knows you’re not perfect, but he thinks you’re amazing, and he wants to have a relationship with you. He’s just waiting for you to take the next step. It’s time to find who you were created to be and know your worth. Try talking to God today and ask him to take away your shame. Ask him to allow you to feel how he feels about you. A relationship with Jesus isn’t about having it all together, it’s about drawing near to Jesus in your brokenness and letting him love and heal you.