You are Amazing

Você é Incrível

Você é Incrível!

Has anyone ever told you that? Did they say it to you in such a way that you actually believed it was true, not just because you posted some great photos on Instagram or because they wanted something in return? Did they connect the words to you in a deep and complete way — to every quirky, awkward, messy, unlikable part of you?

When you look at your life, you may see a mixed bag of successes and failures. Some days stand out, when something really great happened. Other days, you’ve struggled to get through rough, hard times when you messed up or lost something precious.
You think about the times you gave up, gave in or felt like you just weren’t “enough” in the moment.

What if, even on those days, you knew without a doubt that you are unique and chosen? That your life truly matters? That someone sees all of it and says, “You are amazing!”

It’s easy to identify someone else’s talents and value, then look at yourself and say, “But, I’m just a stay-at-home mom.” Or an okay employee. A college dropout. A person who didn’t follow a dream. Or one who tried to pursue a dream that ended with regrets. We all have parts of our lives or identities we would like to change, especially as we see other people who seem to live with more purpose or freedom than us. Have you ever had an “I’m just a . . .” moment?

The Bible records many stories about men and women who wrestled with their self-worth, their purpose in life and even their mistakes. When they called out to God, they found a loving Father who desired a relationship with them. God sees you — just as you are this very moment — and says, “You are amazing!”

Então, qual é a discrepância entre o que você pensa sobre si mesmo e o que Deus pensa sobre você? Essa discrepância é chamada de vergonha. A vergonha é a voz que nos diz que não somos bons o suficiente e que não pertencemos. É uma mentira que nos aprisiona e nos impede de verdadeiramente entendermos o que Deus pensa sobre nós.

American scholar and noted author Brené Brown has written about shame and vulnerability.

“Dignos agora. Não se. Não quando. Nós somos dignos de amor e pertencimento agora. Nesse mesmo instante.”Brené Brown – The Gifts of Imperfection

Knowing that you are amazing and that you belong captures a core understanding of Christianity. It is one of the most important themes we see woven throughout the entire Bible: You were created by God — in His perfect image. As His unique creation, you have worth and eternal love.

Each of us has a different story with reasons why we disqualify ourselves. Sure, I’m okay a lot of the time. But amazing? It’s time to find and know your worth.

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